MamaNurture Payment Options

You can choose to take just one module or all six of them in your own time and according to the payment option that suits you best. Please email us if you would like to pay by cheque or e-transfer. You are registered for a course when your payment and the online registration form are both complete.



To become an RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher), recognized by Yoga Alliance you will need to have 80 contact hours and 5 non-contact hours, which must include Modules 1 – 4.


MamaNurture Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification (RPYT)

Directed by Shannon Crow, E-RYT500, RPYT and Kim MacDonald-Heilandt, E-RYT200, RPYT


MamaNurture Module I

MamaNurture Module 1 – Prenatal Yoga Introduction

  • Safely teach your pregnant students
  • Asanas: alignment and modifications for pregnancy
  • Cautioned and contraindicated poses and breath practices
  • Common ailments of pregnancy and how to use yoga to relieve them
  • Physiology & anatomy of each trimester
  • Create a prenatal yoga class or private session
  • Accommodate a pregnant student in your regular class
  • Creating a restorative prenatal yoga class

MamaNurture Module 2 – Prenatal Yoga & the Subtle Body

  • Benefits of meditation, visualization and mantra in prenatal yoga
  • Chakras of the pregnant body and infant
  • Anatomy of the pelvis
  • Core health during and after pregnancy
  • The psoas muscles in pregnancy and birth
  • 8 limbs of yoga in relation to pregnancy, birth and parenthood
  • Subtle body: prana, koshas, nadis, vyus, yin and yang
  • Modifying the sun salutation for pregnancy
MamaNurture Module III

MamaNurture Module 3 – Prenatal Yoga & Preparing for Birth

  • Anatomy & physiology of third trimester and birth
  • Birth positions & techniques for delivery
  • Creating a birth partner workshop or class
  • History and perceptions of birth in prenatal yoga classes
  • Teaching an entire prenatal yoga class on the birthing ball
  • Fetal positioning in third trimester and birth
  • Childbirth education and options
  • Vocal toning and affirmations
MamaNurture Module IV

MamaNurture Module 4 – Baby & Me and Postnatal Yoga

  • Common ailments in third trimester and postpartum period
  • Anatomy & physiology of postpartum yoga student
  • Connecting to baby in pregnancy and parenthood
  • Nurturing mindfulness and emotional health after birth
  • Asana modifications and contraindications for postnatal yoga
  • Elements and teaching baby & me yoga classes
  • Nurturing the postnatal yoga student
MamaNurture Module V

MamaNurture Module 5 – Fertility Yoga, Blessingways & Birth Art

  • Yoga for fertility and early pregnancy
  • Infant loss and grief
  • High risk pregnancy
  • Fertility & prenatal yin yoga
  • Guiding blessingways in class or as events
  • Partner yoga
  • Using birth art in prenatal, fertility and postnatal yoga classes
MamaNurture Module VI

MamaNurture Module 6 – Business Practices


  • Sequencing and themes in yoga classes
  • Class atmosphere: cues, language, tone, music
  • Hands-on assists for the prenatal & postnatal students
  • Marketing your yoga
  • Planning yoga classes, sessions and events
  • Attract and retain your students