Wendy Brown, RYT500, RPYTWendy has a tender, humble heart that is welcoming to all of the children, women and community members that she shares yoga with.  She brings a sense of peace and serenity with her into class as well as everyday life. Wendy’s classes are playful, light and humourous and at the same time they have strong, positive vibes of security and safety.
Wendy has a passion for women’s physical and mental health. She likes to weave in meditation, mindfulness and spirit animal journeys within some of her yoga classes.
Wendy currently teaches:
  • Childrens Yoga – specializes in yoga with children who have high needs for example children in foster care, those that have come from situations of  trauma, abuse and substance abuse.
  • Yoga for Addictions – teaching at the detox centre (Withdrawal Management Centre)
  • Yoga for Mental Health – anxiety , depression, PTSD, bipolar, borderline personality, eating disorder
  • Yoga for Women in Recovery – teaching the Women at the Recovery home
  • Prenatal / Fertility/ Baby and Me Yoga