365 Days of Angel Prayers book

Shannon’s prayer for nurturance is on page 358 (October 20)

From 365 Days of Angel Prayers

by Shannon Crow

Today, may I find time to nurture myself as easily
as I care for the creations, children and beings in my life.
May I see my basic needs as a priority,
water, nutrition, breath and sleep, and know that I am worthy.

When I open to receive love, energy and time,
those that I care for and the life work that I serve will benefit.

I am doing my best in this moment.
It is enough. I am wonderful exactly as I am.
May I be gentle with myself and see my “mistakes”
as a way to learn and grow.
Mother Earth supports me with each breath.

Inhale, visualize the unconditional love
of mothers of present, past and future,
and fill up with the love and support needed
for challenging moments.
Exhale, release doubt, criticism and fears,
and ground into the present.

Allow me to feel that I have the answers I need,
filtering other’s advice through my heart.
May I stay connected to whom I am.
May I ask for help and nurture the mothers around me.